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This site provides activities conducted by present and previous professors at the  University of Tokushima, Toukshima, Japan. They established the academic agreement between the university and the University of Gondar, Ethiopia and tries to continuously support financially students and/ or researchers at the latter university collaborating with those at the former. The main supporter at the former university is Prof. Mituo Shimada and his staff. All supporters of this site are members of the Japanese Association of Ethiopia-Support SHIHOKU.

Above:Hachisuka Cherry Trees planted in 2013 by representatives of Tokushima University and rotarian Mr. Abe at Gondar University in front of the headquartres of Gondar University. (photo taken in 2016)

Last update; 30th Apr., 2017

Inquiry into:Emeritus Professor,The University of Tokushima, Japan, Director, Clinical Department, Seto Institute for Medical Examination, Kagawa-ken, Japan(E-mail:ota-fusao@me.pikara.ne.jp , Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/fusao.ota

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Right:Emer. Prof Ota, Dr. Motonaka meet Mininter Afework Kasuu at New Miyako Hotel, Kyoto, Japan (1st Oct., 2016)

The schlarshop financially supported by Mr. Abe was closed for application.

Emert. Prof. Ota’s and Dr. Nishikawa’s scholarship are now available for application (single or two to three years study plan (2015-2017) (Dead line date:31st July,2017)

A budget estimate needed for a study plan over 2 years