CountrysideExperience Package Options

CountrysudeExperience Package Options
In springtime, the mountains are full of plantlife: fresh sprouts, plum blossoms, peach blossoms, warabi bracken, bamboo shoots, zenmai, andyamabuki. Visitors can hear the Japanese nightingale sing as Misato celebratesits Plum Blossom Festival and Takagai no Ishizumi`s Moss Phlox Festival, chosenas one of Japan`s top 100 festivals. From May tomid-June, in early summer, Misato harvests it's specialtycrop - plums - on land designated as a nationally protected habitat forfireflies since 1970.
In Mayand June, fireflies flutter all around the river, drawing tourists to theMisato Firefly Festival.As Obon passes, the harvest of our green gem, the Sudachi fruit, begins. InJuly and August,the peaceful mountains are brought alive by the vibrant voices of childrenplaying in the river andcatching summer insects.
Fall isharvest time for chestnuts, shiitake mushrooms, rice, the fall-flavoredmatsutake mushrooms,and yuzu fruit. It's also the time for the popular Misato Plum Wine Festival,created in 2008here in the country`s first plum wine special economic zone, where visitors candrink andcompare original recipes from five local plum wine distilleries and threefarming families, and eatwild boar and deer venison.
Winterbrings Takagai no Ishizumi`s romantic and fairytale-esque Light Illumination,the wintertimestarry sky, and the wintery scenery of the Boroboro waterfall, a 30 foot dropat Misato`swesternmost point, falling among crumbling stones and three stories of trees, aplace wherenegative ions are in ample supply, giving both your mind and body energy.
Everyonehas a different way of living in the countryside, but when it's time to relax,you can listen tothe chirping of the birds and the hum of insects as background music, with no obligationsbut to eat three meals a day, nap, and walk along the mountains and the river.If inclinedto leave the sightseeing area, walk along the nearby Sky-Sea Path that WillRemain until theEnd, a mountain path running between the eleventh temple, Fujidera, to thetwelfth, Shosanji,used by pilgrims completing Shikoku`s 88 Temple Pilgrimage, or walk from Takizumianto Ochigosugian, a path sure to leave you touched by the beauty of nature. Youcan alsoenjoy rafting in the neighboring town`s Yoshino River, or kayaking in theAnabuki River. Spendtime doing any combination of these activities, and clear your mind and refreshyour body.
Spendyour time carefree, enjoying the blessings of nature. From indigo dyeing andenjoying bread andpizza baked in a wood-fired oven, to milking goats, we have prepared over 40 CountrysideExperience options for you.



Handtowels ShavingRazor Parkinglot
(space for five cars and one micro-car)
Bathtowels CottonSwabs Firewoodstove
Toothbrushand toothpaste Downfuton Slippers
Shampoo Mosquitonet Boots・Umbrella
Conditioner Hot-waterbottle Glovesfor indigo dyeing
Body soap × Hairbrush Apron forindigo dyeing
Soap Refrigerator Bath
× Yukata Washingmachine Shuttlebus
(seats 10 people)
× Pajamas Telivision × Wirelessrouter
Hairdryer Each roomcomes with an a.c. unit



1 Night,2 Meals for 6,500 yen Check in after 3 p.m.
Check out by 11 a.m.
(elementaryschool children and younger: 3,000 yen. Infants free)
Lodgingcapacity of 9 people (One group per night)
Lodgingrooms: 3 Japanese-style rooms (includes second-floor)
8-tatamimat-sized fireplace room
Reservations Pleasemake reservations for food-only by mid-morning of the previous day. Please makeCountryside Experience reservations at least three days in advance.
※Up tothree Countryside Experiences are included with overnight stay. However, some experiencepackages require a separate materials fee. Please contact us for moreinformation.
※Cancellationfees are on a case-by-case basis.Please consult with us.



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